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Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru
Chapter 4: The dance
(Be careful! Reading this may cause you to have feels!!)
Kaoru and you danced around the floor and talked for a bit, and you found him even more attractive by the second. You felt captivated in his golden-brown eyes and his smile. “You know, (Y-n) it’s impolite to stare~” He purred at you with a Cheshire grin and his eyes gleaming with mischief. You snapped out of your stare and blushed heavily while stuttering. “O-oh gosh I’m sorry!!” You exclaimed, being all flustered and apologizing over and over. He just laughed and you looked up at him. “It’s okay (Y/n)! Just poking some fun.” He reassured. You nodded rapidly and just stared down at your feet as you two swayed to the music together. “Hey (y/n) do you mind if I ask you something?” “No go right ahead!” “Okay. Now it’s just my observation but you seem on edge tonight. Is something wrong? Is it school? Heh, don’t worry about it I’m sure it’s ju-” “No. It’s not that..” “Hm? Then what?” “…my father is going to be here tonight. I don’t see him yet and…I’m just a little nervous.” You said, with a slight nervous and anxious face. “What are you so nervous about?” He asked looking down at you with a little bit of concern and worry in his face. “It’s just…well he doesn’t really like me much. He told me when I was little that I was a mistake and I should have been a boy because it would’ve made him look better when he would pass down his company as his predecessor. He thinks that I’ve made no accomplishments in my life because I was homeschooled and never made a social activity with anyone and won no trophies.” You said, you then looked quickly up at him with a nervous smile. “I’m sorry I just did that..heh” You said awkwardly, thinking that you were being a total idiot for being for pouring out your entire backstory to a guy you’ve only known for not even 12 hours. He just frowned and you felt his grip on your hand and hip tighten and you looked up at him with a confused look. “Why…” “Huh?” “Why would he do something like that?” He said sternly at you, his golden brown eyes suddenly darkening. You just look down sadly. “I already told you…he thinks I’m a mistake.” You said plainly, as if you were told that a lot of times. And it was true. Every day when you saw him, you would smile big, and run up to him with your arms opened wide for embrace but he would turn away with a look of disgust and walk away. He grimaced and his grip tightened on you more, making you flinch. He saw it and sighed mumbling an apology as his released his grip. The song ended and the guests applauded the wonderful orchestra. You applauded to and so did Kaoru. “Say Kaoru, would you like me to take you on a special tour of the place? I’m guessing you don’t really like parties like this.”
“Nah, I’m used to them. But sure I guess it could be fun.” He said with a shrug and you lead him out of the giant ball room and out the door. “So Kaoru, tell me about yourself!” You said as you two walked down the giant hallway. “Well I guess first you should know I’m the younger twin! But only by a few seconds.” He said, clarifying the last part and you giggled. “Are you two rivals are something like regular brothers? You asked him with a grin. He grinned back and shook his head. “Actually it’s pretty much the opposite! We care and love each other a lot. Even though I’m the younger twin, I’m more mature that Hikaru when we’re separated.” “Really?” “Mhm! But when we’re together we are exactly the same. We always have the same likes and dislikes but different personalities.” “Hm, interesting.” “Hm?” “Huh? Oh nothing! I was just wondering something. I mean, being identical, doesn’t that mean that you get mistaken for your brother a lot? And he gets mistaken for you? Don’t that get irritating? I know I would be!” You said, taking a seat by a giant window as they moonlight shown down on both of you, illuminating your milky white skin. Kaoru just chuckled and shook his head. “No actually we don’t mind it at all.” “Maybe you guys should wear different outfits or something so people can tell you apart.” He just grinned. “We actually wear the same things on purpose! And besides, all the guys wear the same uniform so we don’t really have a choice.” He said. “Oh well then yeah, that makes sense.” You said with a short laugh. He smiled at you them stared at you for a minute. “Kaoru? Kaoru??? Is something wrong??” You asked.

Kaoru’s P.O.V.
“She..She looks so…wow.” She waved her hand in front of my face and I blinked. “Huh? Oh heh sorry about that! There was something on your cheek.” “Huh where?” She asked as she touched around her cheeks but I just smirked playfully. “Right HERE!” I said as I squished her left cheek and she squeaked. “H-hey!!” She exclaimed and swatted her hands at me. I laughed and put my hand on her forehead so she couldn’t move any closer to me. She huffed and crossed her arms. “That wasn’t very nice!” She pouted. “Geez she’s even cuter when she’s mad…” I just grinned widely. “I may be mature, but I still have a little devil inside me~” I said with my signature smirk that would make girls swoon and fangirl. She just raised an eye brow and put her hands on her hips. “Is that supposed to be make me fangirl?” She asked flatly. I blanked and froze. “Well…er..yes?” She scoffed and rolled her eyes playfully then turned on her heel. “Hey wait why didn’t you swoon??” I asked as I walked after her. She stopped and looked back at me. “I guess I’m just too mature to fall for such a man-whore like you~” She said back at me with a sly smile. I froze and stammered. She giggled. “C’mon ginger, let’s get back to the party your brother and Haru are probably wondering where we are.” “Ginger?!” I exclaimed and ran after her. I could hear her stifle her snickering. I just followed her with a pout. “Aw what’s wrong, gingey?” She cooed at me, looking at me with that smirk again. “You called me names.” I pouted. She laughed then pulled my cheek. “Hey!” I exclaimed. “There. Now we’re even.” She said. I couldn’t help but grin and laugh. “What’s so funny??” She asked. “You are! Even though I don’t really know you, you make me laugh! I like that.” I said. She stopped and a light pink blush dusted her cheeks. “Really? I make you happy and laugh?” She asked me. I smiled and nodded. “Yeah! I think you’re cool! It’s a shame that you were homeschooled till now! I could have meet you sooner!” She turned around. “That’s….that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…” I heard her say.
You clenched your jaw and then turned to him. “Thank you Kaoru..that was really sweet..” You said looking up at him with a sweet smile that made him blush a little. “U-um…you’re welcome.” He said with a soft smile. He extended his hand to you and you looked up at him with a little confusion. He gave a grin and short laugh. “Well it wouldn’t be very gentlemen of me to not escort the hostess’s daughter back to the party, now would it?” He asked with a slight smirk. You giggled and rolled your eyes playfully. “Yeah okay~” You said back to him as you slid your arms around his left arm and you two walked off. You then noticed something else touched your hand and you glanced down. You saw that Kaoru put his other hand on top of yours and held onto it. You blushed a little and smiled to yourself, feeling a little bubbly inside. “What is this…feeling?” You thought to yourself.
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Today was Valentine’s Day. And because it was a holiday, Lord Death said that it would be a half-day so that everyone can spend time with that special someone in their life. The one you wanted to spend time with was Death the Kid, Lord Deaths’ son. Your best friend (b/f), knew you had a big crush on him, so she encouraged you to say something to him. But you were too shy! Every single time you tried to say hi your voice got squeaky and your palms got sweaty. But, she was right. You HAD to. “Ok, I can do this.” you thought to yourself confidently. “Aw, come on! It won’t be THAT bad! You’re just going to go up to him, and say if you want to hang out! Then, ask if he likes you!” (b/f) said to you. You took a shaky breath. “But what is he says he likes me just as a friend?! Or even worst!! He says no!!” You exclaimed, panicking. Your friend sighed annoyingly and grabbed your shoulders so you looked at her dead in the eye. “Listen to me!! YOU.CAN.DO.THIS.” She said. You looked down, but then up again with more confidence. “Alright. I’ll do it.” You said boldly. “ALRIGHT!” Your friend said, fist bumping the air. “But you have to be there with me so I don’t faint or something!” “What?! No way! I’m not gonna be the third-wheel on this thing!” “But (b/f)!!” You whined. “Nope!” You sighed. “Fine….” You said sighing. Then your friend smirked. “ooo (y/n)~~” you friend said in a sly, singy voice. “What?” You asked nervously, knowing she was up to no good. “Guess who is coming down the hallway right now…~” She said, her sly grin growing wider. All confidence left you, and so did the color of your skin.
“Oh god…you don’t mean-” “mhmm~” your friend said. It was Kid, and his two weapons, also his best friends, Patty and Liz, who were sisters. You took a quick peak behind your shoulder and saw him walking down the hallway. “I can’t do this!” You said as you jumped behind your friend, as if she was a shield. Your friend rolled your eyes and pulled you off of her. “Look, I’ll stay here with you when you ask him out. But you have to do the rest on your own okay?” She said, seriously annoyed by your nervousness and shyness. “O-okay...” you said, nodded your head. “HEY KID OVER HERE!” She shouted over to him and looked up and saw you two and smiled. He motioned for Liz and Patty to follow him and they did. “HIII!!!” Patty said, nearly tackling the both of them in her signature hug. “h-hi..p-patty” (b/f) managed to say as she was being suffocated to death. “Patty stop she’s turned blue!!” You said, flailing your arms around. Liz managed to pry her off of (b/f) and she took a big gulp of fresh, air. “Hey girls!” Kid said giving a wave, then stiffed when he looked at you. “I-is something wrong, Kid?” “Your hairband!” “My hair band?” “Yes! That rose on it should be in the middle! Or at least one on each side of it! Otherwise it’s asymmetrical!!” He screamed in your face, making you flinch. “B-But..I like this hair ban-“ “GET RID OF IT.” He said, his golden eyes darkening. You felt your eyes sting with tears, threatening to fall any minute. But you didn’t want to cry. Not in front of him. (B/f) got in front of her and glared at him. “Hey Kid, what’s the big idea!?” She sneered at him. “Yeah Kid! It’s only okay when you do that to me and Patty!” Liz said, crossing her arms. Kid looked down with a frown and sighed. “Fine.” “Now apologize.” Liz said. “You’re not my fath-” Before he could finish she gave him a good old-fashioned death glare and he went pail. (Well, paler than he already is) “Hey, (y/n), I’m sorry about- (y/n)??” He said, looking for you, but you left.
“Where’d she go?” Patty said, leaping on her older sisters shoulders, and scoped out the entire hallway. “Kid, you have to find her.” (b/f) said. “Why me?” “BECAUSE I SAID SO NOW MOVE IT!” She yelled at him and he ran off to go find her. Then the final bell rang and all the students cleared out, so it was easier to find you. Kid walked down a different hallway, and heard a quiet whimper and sniffles coming from the Girls Bathroom. He walked up to the door and knocked. “(Y/n) is that you?” He asked through the door. The whimpers and sniffles stopped.  “(y/n)??” he asked again, a little more gently and softer. You shuffled to the door and leaned against it. “Y-yeah?” You choked out. It was obvious you’ve been crying for a while. “Are you okay?” He asked. You didn’t answer for a few seconds. “I-I’m fine.” You said, taking in a soft, shaky breath. He pieced everything together. “(Y-y/n)….are you crying??” He asked. “No!” You said, immediately responding, giving Kid then conclusion you were lying and it made him sick to his stomach. “(y/n)…did I….make you cry…?” He said, with his teeth clenched. You didn’t respond, which made him clench his hands into fists. “Answer me.” He hissed, completely angry with himself if it was true. “It…It wasn’t your fault Kid…I-I shouldn’t have worn that hairband.” You said, with a small, sad smile. He cringed, and flew open the door, almost ripping it off its hinges. You were on the floor, next to the sinks, with a few tissues in your hands, looking up at him in slight sadness, but in shock. (Because the sudden noise made you jump) He walked over to you, and bent down to your level. You shyly looked up at him, and blushed a light pink, because his face was in your comfort-zone. “K-Kid I-“  “Don’t apologize.” He said, interrupting you. “It was my fault for yelling at you. And…I’m sorry.” He said looking into your slightly puffy and red (e/c) eyes. Oh, how you loved his golden eyes. They reminded you of the sunrise and sunset.(lol I was in the moment) “-and..” He said, pausing for a bit. “I want to make it up to you.” He said, standing up. This made your heart flutter. “Oh my gosh!! Is he going to…!!!!”  “Well…whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it…” He said, turning around, so you couldn’t see his sad face. You stood up. “Kid…why are you doing this?” You asked, actually not stuttering anymore. Something made you feel at ease, and it helped A LOT. He sighed. “There is nothing I could be more ashamed of…then hurting you.” He said, looking at his shoes. Your eyes shrink and your heart pound in your chest. “Does that mean he…..likes me??”  You asked yourself. He didn’t move, and waited for a reply. “Kid I…why don’t you want to hurt me?” You asked softly, taking a step towards him. He sighed again. “Because I….love you...” He said, whispering the last part. You tilted you head. “What was the last part?” You asked, confused, walking up to him a little closer so you could hear better. “I…l-love you (y/n)” He said, a tiny bit louder. Your heart stopped and you felt all your skin color leave you and be replaced with a shade of white. “S-say that again…?” You asked, wanting to hear it again so she knew she wasn’t going cray-cray. (Yes, I just said cray-cray DEAL.WITH.IT.)  “I love you (y/n)...” He mumbled. “You…do??” You said, you’re inside self was leaping for joy, and bouncing off walls and fangirling (lol and all that random crap you would do XD).
“You….you do???” You said. He nodded. “Come on (y/n)!! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND TELL HIM!!!” You screamed at yourself. You took a deep breath. “I LOVE YOU TO KID!!” You said at the top of your lungs, which made kid jump a little, but he smiled. “Really?” You grinned and nodded quickly. “Yeah!! I’ve been wanting to tell you…but I was a little embarrassed…” He chuckled and walked up to you and curled his finger under your chin so you would look up at him. “You shouldn’t be afraid to tell me anything, (y/n)” He said, with that awesome dashing smile. You blushed a little and nodded an okay. “So…then it raises the question I wanted to ask you...” “What’s that?” “Will you be...Uh...” “Yeah?” “That is, if you want to...” “Go on…!” “Well, if you want to be…” you got tired of his rambling. “Come on kid just ask me!” You huffed. “Wouldyouliketobemygirlfriend!!!” He blurted out. You blushed bright red and turned around so he couldn’t see it, and you tried to get rid of it.  “K-kid I…..” He sighed. “I’m sorry I probably shouldn’t of asked that…I was assuming too much..” He said sadly as he turned on his heel to walk out but was then glomped by a (h/c) girl. “I’D LOVE TO!!~” You squealed as you hugged him tightly, but not as tight as patty would. You saw kid turning purple and immediately released him. But as soon as he caught his breath he glomped you. (lol GLOMP FEST!!) He keep squealing like a girl and hugging you REAL close, which made you blushes 50 different shades of red. (I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU JUST THOUGHT OF 50 SHADES OF GREY I KILL YOU!!!) Kid rubbed his cheek against yours. “YAY!!~ We will be like a couple!!” “But kid, we’re just da-“ “And then we will have children and my father will so pleased!” “Wait, WHAT!?!” “Come on!! We have to tell everyone the great news!!” He said, his eyes still shaped like hearts and you stood with a what-the-flip face. He grabbed your hand and ran down the hallway, and out to the entrance where all of your friends were. Soul was leaning up against the wall and heard footsteps, and lazily looked up. “What were you to doing in there?? It’s so late from school and I wanted to go home, but Miss. Square over here wanted to wait for you two..” Soul said groaning, being his usual self. Maka cringed and slammed her thick book onto his head. “I WAS JUST BEING A GOOD FRIEND, SOUL!!” She shouted at the half-conscious albino. She sighed annoyed but looked back at you two with a smile. “So are you guys okay? Soul’s right it has been awhile.” She said, as she cleaned the blood off her book cover. “Yeah everything’s g-“ You were interrupted by (b/f) tackling Kid to the ground and strangling his neck. “YOU MADE HER CRY DIDN’T YOU, YA SICK JERK!?!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS SHE LIKED YOU AND EVERYTHING AND SHE-” “(B/F) STOP STRANGLING HIM WE MADE UP!!!” You screamed at her, prying her off your new boyfriend, who was dazed. “What?!? Oh…oh okay then.” Your friend said getting up and dusting off her clothes. “But actually I have some news for everyone!!” You said to everyone. “HAH! THAT I’M THE GREASTEST HERO THAT EVER LIVED?!?” Blackstar shouted in your face. “…” Blackstar frowned and whined. “But I-” “Quiet Blackstar and let her finish!” Maka hisses. “I was going to say that Kid and I are dating!!” You said, then squealing and jumping up and down. “Heh. Congrats you two.” Soul said, grinning.
Tsubaki and Maka hugged you tightly into a sandwich and you all jumped up and down, squealing. “I’m so happy for you two!” They both said in unison. You laughed. “Thanks you guys!” you said happily, then you looked back at Kid, who dusted himself off and scooted back over to you, and hugged you. The girls fangirled some more and Soul and Blackstar stuck their tongues out in disgust. You giggled and hugged Kid back, then gasped. “u-um kid…your uh..” “Hm? Is something wrong?” He asked you. You eyed his crooked skull on his suit, with nervous eyes. He followed her eye line and saw the crooked skull on his suit, and well, you could imagine what he did next. He shrieked and went down to the ground and curled up in a little ball, and wailed. You immediately swung your arms around him and cuddled him close. He literally curled up into your lap and sobbed into your shoulder, making you feel a little awkward. But you smiled and held him close. “I’M GARBAGE! ASYMMETRICAL GARBAGE!!” He sobbed, a little muffled from your shirt, which was practically drenched now. “Eh, come on man snap out of it. Face it. You’ll never truly be symmetrical. I mean you have those 3 white stripes in your hair!” Soul said. Kid froze and went pail that would put ghosts to shame. “W-what…” Kid choked out. Liz glared and Soul and growled, then started punching him senseless. “I’M GONNA CLOMBER YOU!” She screamed. “Soul how could you say that?!” You yelled at him, holding the quivering boy in your arms. Kid then sprung out of your arms and ran off crying. Everyone glared at Soul, who gave a nervous laugh. “My bad..” He said rubbing the back of his neck.  You stormed up to him while growling threatingly, which made him back up till his back pressed against the wall. All of a sudden a dark aura consumed you and you looked him dead in the eye with stern (e/c) eyes. “You listen here ya little punk…” He shivered a little and gulped. “You hurt him, I hurt you. Got it?” You said, your eyes going demonic and stared right into his soul. (lol you looked into Soul’s soul..XD) He went pail and nodded quickly. Then the demonicness left you and you smiled. “Okay great!” You said cheerfully. “Well, I’m gonna go find Kid! See you guys later!” You said waving at your friends, who waved back but with a dumb-founded face from what they just saw you do. You turned on your heel to leave, but flashed an insane smile at Soul which made him cling to Maka, and you walked off with a smug look. After a bit of searching, you finally found him, at the outskirts of Death City. He was sitting on one of the benches with his knees tucked close to his chest. You walked up to him. “Hey.” You said plainly, smiling at him. He looked up with puffy, slightly red eyes and sniffled. “Hey..” He said. You sighed sadly and sat next to him and hugged him. “Are you okay?” You asked, then thinking it was probably a little insensitive to say. He sniffled a little, but regained his composure and smiled softly. “Yeah, it’s all good.” He said standing up, then you gave him a small hug. Then he sighed softly and happily. “I’m so glad you’re in my life now (y/n)…” He said, cuddling you close and nuzzling his face into your hair, making you blush. “Same here kid…” You said softly, then you two kissed and blahblahblah…THE END.
Kid x Reader: Valentine's Day
Have fun reading!!!
Crying Death the Kid Emote Death the kid icon Death the Kid La [Mini-Me] Death the Kid Death The Kid 
    Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru
Chapter 3: The Play Date!

“Come on Haruhi!! Let’s go!” You said, throwing open the car door before Mr. Tamki could get it and dragged her out. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” She said. You both waved at Mr. Tamki who smiled and waved back as you two ran up the big stairs to the giant door or your house. “Welcome!~” You said as you opened the big door, and Haruhi gawked. The house (*cough* mansion) was MASSIVE. You two walked into the fourier and were welcomed by Miss. Nya. “Welcome back, Miss!~” She said cheerfully, and gave a slight bow. You smiled and waved. “Hi Miss. Nya! Haruhi, this is Miss. Nya, my maid! And Miss. Nya, this is Haruhi my new best friend!” You said. They both smiled and waved. “I’ll go make you two a snack, okay?” “Yum! Okay!” You said cheerfully and grabbed Haruhi and ran up the stairs to your room. “Wow..this is a BIG room!” Haruhi said, looking around the big bedroom. “Thanks!” You said. You flopped onto the bed and she did to. “So, whatcha wanna do?” You said, turning your head to look at her. “Hm..well I don’t know. What do you normally do?” You paused for a minute. “Well uh..I usually play by myself…” You said trailing off. She sat up and so did you. “Why is that?” “Well, I don’t really have any friends…since I was tutored all my life I never seen the outside world.” You said, not trying to show any sadness. “Wow, really? I mean you didn’t go out at all?” “Sometimes. Most of the times they were for parties that my parents were invited to, so I went also.” “Well that sounds fun!” “I suppose. I mostly was off to the side since there weren’t any other kids there.” “Oh…” There was an awkward silence. “Did you have friends when you were little?” You asked her. “Yeah of course I did!” She said happily. “Since my mom died when I was little, my dad had to take on more jobs, so I was mostly alone at home. But I quickly made friends at school so I would play with them till it was time to go home!” “That sounds nice. You have a good relationship with your dad?” She smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I mean we have our rare petty fights but we manage to stay okay.” You looked away sadly. “Hey, is something wrong?” You looked back with a puzzled face. “Hm? Oh, heh. No I’m okay. Say, how bout I take you on a tour of the place! I can show you my rose garden!” You said, snapping out of your gloominess to happiness. “Yeah okay!” She said, and you two got up and ran out of the room to downstairs. “Hey, where’s your mom?” “Oh, she’s probably at a meeting or something. But she might be home whenever.” “And your dad?” “…..” “Hey, are you okay? your dad…dead?” “No..” “Divorced?” “No…” And then another awkward silence. “W-well..uh..come on! I still have to give you that tour!” You said, snapping out of the gloominess again. She smiled and nodded. “Yeah okay!” You two walked around the gigantic house and explored all of the rooms. After that you both went outside and went into the backyard. “And here is my backyard!” You said proudly. “’s…AWESOME!” Haruhi exclaimed, looking at all the sculptures and giant in-ground pool. “Hey, wanna go swimming!!” You said happily, bouncing a little from excitement. “Well I would, but I don’t have a suit..” She said. You huffed. “That’s okay! You can wear one of mine!!” You said, as you ran at her and literally picked her up and ran back into the house and up to your room. You threw her onto the bed and ran to two big doors that were on the opposite side of the room. “Hey come over here! I wanna show you my closet!” You said.
She nodded and came over, still a little traumatized from the past events. You threw open the big doors, that lead to your GIANT walk-in closet. Haruhi gawked and nearly fainted. “HOW MANY CLOTHES DOES A GIRL NEED!?!” She exclaimed in her head.  You pulled her in and brought her to the section of bathing suits. “Pick which ever one you want!” You said, looking though the suits and found one you wanted to wear. She looked though them and found that most of them were (f/c), which was your fav color. “Hey, by a chance do you like (f/c)?” She asked, a little sarcasm in her voice. “Yeah of course! I love it a lot!” “Okay just checkin’…” She said, more sarcasm added. “Hmm..I can’t decide…” “Need help?” You asked, and she nodded and held up two. One was a black tankini and had little bows on the sides and had light pink polka-dots. The other was a dark blue one-piece that had a black cat on it. “Hm…I like the kitty one!” You said, pointing to the black one and she smiled and put the other one away. “Okay! The black one it is!” She said giggling and you did two. You two went over to the dressing room and changed into the suits. After a bit you two finished and came out. You squealed. “Aww you look sooo cute!” You said spinning her around.
She laughed and smiled. “Thanks! You do to.”  You laughed and you both ran out and back into the backyard to go for a dip. But what you two didn’t know…is that two people were watching…two. Identical. twins. “Why are we doing this again?” Kaoru asked his twin. “Because Tamaki told us to.” Hikaru said back, and then smirked. “He was probably too jealous to even show his face!~” Then both snickered and grinned. They looked back and then their eyes shrinked when they saw you and Haruhi in bathing suits. “Uh…I think we came at a bad time. Comeonlet’sgo!” Kaoru said, extremely flustered and grabbed Hikaru’s arm but he stayed put. “Eeeh..I might wanna stay…this could get interesting..” He said, his eyes wide with anticipation and excitement, his face really red like Kaoru’s(I’m sorry I am having WAAY too much fun with this…). Kaoru glared at his twin and picked him up and ran off, and back to the club to tell the ‘news’. After putting sunscreen on you both jumped in and laughed. “Hey Haruhi!” “Yeah?” “THINK FAST!!!” You said, then quickly after splashing her right in the face with water. She laughed and splashed you back and then a splashing battle had begun. After a bit you two got tired and just relax and swam around the pool. “Hey Haruhi you hungry! Miss. Nya makes the best cookies ever!” “Yeah okay.” “MISS NYA!!” You yelled at the house, hoping she would hear and she did. She scurried out. “There you two are! Miss. (Y/n), you should know that you are not to leave the house without letting me know!” She scolded, shaking her finger at you. “I’m sorry..” “Well it’s alright. I swear you are going to be the death of me…” She said, sighing in exhaustion and relief. You grinned and giggled. “Well did you need something?” “Yeah! Haruhi and I want cookies!” “Okay I’ll be right back.” She said, walking back into the house and closing the door. You laughed and jumped back into the pool. Haruhi laughed and swam over to the side and hopped up and sat on the side, with her feet in the water. You smiled and got up to and put your feet in the water. “So, tell me about yourself!” You said, splashing water with your feet.
“Well, about a few months ago I got a scholarship to go to Ouran Academy.” “Oh, so you’re not rich?” You asked. “No I’m not. But that’s okay. I don’t mind it at all.” “Well that’s okay! I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be poor.” “Oh?” “Yeah. I mean I wish everyone was rich! And there was no tension between countries so that we could all come together!” You said happily. “Unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that.” She retorted, raining on your parade. You sighed sadly and hung your head. “Yeah I know…” Just before one of you could say something, Miss. Nya brought out two glasses of milk and a plate of six chocolate chip cookies. “Here you go girls! And try not to fill up to much on snacks! I am making your favorite tonight!” “Awesome! Wanna stay for dinner, Haruhi! Mr. Tamki can take you back to your house afterwards!” “Hm…I guess it wouldn’t hurt! Let me just phone my dad and tell him I’ll be home a little later.” “Okay! Miss Nya, Haruhi needs a phone!” “Okay, I’ll be right back!” She said, as she walked back into the house and closed the door. You both ate and drank for a while until there was one left. Not looking you both reached for it, and your hands touched. “Hm?” You both said, looking down at your hands, and then up at each other, then will fiery glares. “I had it first.” You hissed.
“I believe my hand was on it first.” She hissed back. You both growled at each other and stood up, and started to circle each other, with the poor cookie in the middle, ready to be devoured by the two ‘lions’. “This cookie isn’t big enough for the both of us..”(I’m sorry I had to…XDD) You sneered, walking around the cookie at a slow pace, as did Haruhi also. “Wanna bet?” She cleverly remarked, both their eyes fixed on each other. “Very well then. I say we do what the Romans did.” You said, stopping and turning to her with a sly smirk. “What?” She said, also stopping. “Well, when in Rome~ Do as the Romans do~” You said, chuckling darkly. “Where have I heard THAT before…” Haruhi thought flatly. “We’ll have to fight for it.~” “Hm….alright then.” She said, crossing her arms. “I shall choose how then?” You asked her. “Choose how to fight?” “Of course!~” “Well what do you have in mind?” You smirked and somehow two water balloons got into your hands and you turned back around to her with an innocent smile. “THIS!” You shouted as you threw them at her, one hitting her in the stomach, the other at her face. She fell down on her back and growled. “Oh that’s how you wanna play it, huh?~” She said, with a playful smirk on her face also, and you smirked back and waved your hand. “Although you are probably no match for me so I won’t bother!~” You said, crossing your hands and turned your head. “Oh yeah?~” “Of course! I have the most legendary battles with water balloons.” You said pride fully. “You’d be surprised how good my aim is..and how wrong your gonna be in a few seconds...~” She said slyly. “Wait, wh-WAAH!!” You yelled as she somehow managed to find a hose and blast you in the face with water. “FEEL MY RATH!!” You yelled back as you threw a very large quantity of water balloons at her face. (Lol me and my big words…and yes I used a thesaurus so I could seem smart) She fell over and laughed then tackled you and you both wrestled for a bit, then got tired and you two laughed tiredly and flopping onto the soft grass. “Wow that was fun..” She said, with a slight laugh, panting softly. “Yeah ditto.” You said. “Oh there you are!~ Who’s your friend?~” You heard someone saw and you sat up on your elbows and saw your mother standing in the doorway. “Oh hi mom! This is Haruhi Fujioka! She’s in a lot of the classes I’m in!” You said, getting up and helping her get up. “Oh really? Wow and it’s not even the first day yet! I must say I am impressed, young lady. Now both of you wash up for dinner. We are having a dinner party and your father and a lot of his clients and business partners are going to be there so please wear something nice.” And with that she left. “Alright you heard the women let’s go!” You said, as you grabbed her hand and rushed into the house and into your room. “Wow I’m so excited! It’s been weeks since I last saw him!” “Is he on business trips all the time and is such a work-aholic.” “Well Kyoya-senpi said that he is the founder of a huge company so that’s understandable, right?” “Yeah I guess. But it would be nice if he was around every once in a while. He never calls me anymore and always sends an ‘apology gift’ when he misses my birthday or a holiday.” “Oh, I didn’t realize..” “No that’s okay! Well, anyways, we need to get ready! Hm…we need to wear something special so…we can wear some of my gala dresses!” “Gala? Dresses?” She said, and you nodded quickly and brought her to the giant closet again and pulled out the racks of your gala dresses. “Wow..their amazing! They look like they are from a fairytale!” “I know right! Pick whichever one you want!
And you can keep if you want. I really have too many clothes.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck while looking though the dresses. She looked though them and picked out a pink dress that had white frilly straps that would show off her curves. (lol if she had any curves..) “I like this one.” You looked at the dress then back at her, with a skeptical look, like you were thinking very hard. You took the dress and scanned it at least 4 times then scanned her body at least 4 times. The whole time Haruhi is confused. But you smiled big and nodded. “Yep! It does suit you! Since my mother is a very famous and high-end fashion critic she KNOWS what she’s talking about. And I’m sure I do to! I guess it’s in the blood!” She laughed and you gave her back the dress so she could change into it. “Now as for me…man I dunno..” “Want me to help?” “You can try.” “Well, I don’t really know anything about fashion, but I do know that you should dress like your personality. Since my dad’s a tranny I know a little about this kind of how about this one?” She said, pulling out a white mermaid dress that had a red bow in the front. “Wow! It’s perfect!” You said, taking it from her and running to the changing room with her. Then you both came out and looked at yourselves in the mirror. “Amazing!!!” You said, giving a little twirl. Haruhi smiled and looked at herself in the mirror. “Wow! I look..” “Like a princess!” You said, finishing her sentence. “Now come on! We gotta get going and say hello to all of the guests!” “Well, I have had experience in that so I think I can help with that.” You smiled and walked down the stairs with her and into a giant room that was always and only for big parties and balls. A lot of your workers were dressed up also in slick black dresses and black tuxedos, serving the guests and creating small talk. You smiled at the big room and looked around and saw a dessert table. “Ooo! Yum!” You said, dragging Haruhi over to the scrumptious-looking desserts and held up a cupcake to her. “You wanna try one?” “Sure, why not?” She ate it and nodded her head vigorously, as if saying it was good. You took one and ate it to. “Welcome Yuzuha, darling!” You heard your mom say behind you as she greeted her best friend. “(Y/n), please come here!” You heard you mom say and you waved at Haruhi real quick and walked up to the two ladies.
“Yes, mother?” You said, trying to keep your manners. “This is a dear friend of mine! Yuzuha, this is my lovely daughter (y/n). (Y/n), this is a Yuzuha Hitachiin. She works with me in my fashion lines.” “Why hello there, child.” She said with a slight nod. You smiled and did a slight curtsey. “Hello, Miss. Yuzuha. I welcome you to my family’s dinner party and I hope you will enjoy it.” You said with the most elegant charm you could muster. She looked baffled. “Oh my, so behaved! I must say (I don’t know your mom’s say so…I’ll just pick something random) Elaine I am impressed.” She said to your mother and she smiled, utterly filled to the brim with pride. “Oh and have you met my sons? They were excited to be here. Hikaru? Karou? Ugh, where are those boys..” She grumbled to herself. “Wait…Hikaru…and Karou…?” You said with some fear in your voice and she looked back at you with a weird look. “Is something wrong, dear?” “No, it’s just a kinda already know them! We go to school together.” “Oh, well that’s good. Hikaru!! Kaoru!!” She said, getting a little louder but trying to keep her dignity and pride. “Yees mother?” They said in unison, walking behind her out of nowhere which scared her a little bit. “Oh there you two are! Where have you been?” She said, a little irritated that they left her to go ‘woo’ some other female guests. They just shrugged together and said, “We dunno.” She sighed loudly and turned back to you and your mom. “Elaine, (y/n), these are my two sons, Hikaru the older twin, and Kaoru the younger twin.” The both smiled and waved at you, then bowed like gentlemen. “How do you do!” They said with charming smiles. You blushed slightly and smiled. “I’m doing fine. Thank you.” You said with a slight nod. Your mom must have noticed your blush and chuckled softly, giving you a slight nudge. “Mom stop!” You hissed at her softly and she chuckled again with a slight eye roll. “Well Yuzuha let’s go and leave the youngsters to talk. I have some ideas for your next fashion line that I want you to look at.” “Oh yes of course. Now boys, please behave yourselves!” She said as she walked away. “Yes, mother~” They said in unison, but you could hear in their tone that they weren’t going to live up to their promise. “Hey, aren’t you-” “The new girl?” “Um..yeah as a matter a fact I am! And I saw you two in the host club.” “Oh right!” “Yeah you were the girl that was acting head over heels for us~” “W-what?? No! As I recall, you two were trying to play a game with me, but it was getting a little weird…” You said, blushing a light pink, remembering. “Hey you two.” You heard Haruhi say as she walked up to you guys. “Oh hey Haruhi!” “Wait, why are you here?” The twins said skeptically. “I was here already when (y/n) and I hung out for a while.” She said as she munched on some fancy tuna. “Oh, okay.” They said in unison.
Then all of a sudden, waltz music started to play and most of the guests moved to the center of the room and began to dance. “Oh, this is my favorite song!” You said. The twins looked at each other and back at you. “Hey how about we dance?” They said. You looked at them confused. “How can I dance with you at the same time though??” “Here you’ll dance with me!” Kaoru said walking up to you. “And I’ll dance with Haruhi! And then switch!” Hikaru said. They both grinned devilishly at each other. “So that way we both can have the same fun~” “And make Tamaki jealous?” Haruhi retorted at them and they both made blank faces. I giggled and rolled my eyes playfully. “Well come on guys if we wanna dance we better hurry! The song is almost half-way done!” You said. Karou smiled and nodded, and walked with you. “Care to dance, Haruhi?~” Hikaru purred at Haruhi. She groaned. “That’s not really a question is it?” She muttered at him. He laughed and grinned. “Nope!~” He said as he pulled her onto the dance floor and they danced next to you and Karou.

I dunno I’ll have to think..XD
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lol just made this!! Be a pal and watch this!…
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