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Teen!Gerard x Teen!Reader

Being new to a private academy really isn't the greatest...It's kinda like one of those Catholic schools, but cancel the plaid. Clothing wise, boys were a dark blue blazer with the school crest on the side and also have long black pants and nice dress shoes. The girls wear the same blazer but we wear skirts that are a little short, but almost touch the knee. BUT every academy has their sluts who like to wear them like a mini-skirt. We also have to wear knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes. Which I think are kinda cute. But pretty one-fashioned, huh? Well, it kinda saves me the time when trying to pick out an outift. But besides the clothing, school really isn't any different from a public school. Meaning the students. Oh, yeah! We have all the classics. Jocks, geeks, mean girls, band people, and emos. If you haven't guessed, I fall in the Emo category. Do I mind it? No, course not. I hate it when you have to be categorized though..why can't you just be yourself and people will love you for it? That's why I have found the best guys in the world who except me for me..I probably won't survive highschool without them. Because they'll help me and I'll help them. They are the brother's I wished to have all my life. But, there's only one that makes me feel different..but a good kind of different. His name is Gerard Arthur Way. And I think i'm in love.
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Romance roleplay anyone?? I have come up with a few ideas, so i'll explain them in private messages. Hope to see you there!~
Reader's POV

It was a wonder afternoon, and I just finished another awesome book series and felt very accomplished! I mean, who wouldn't?? As I was putting the book away I heard a bunch of yelling and sighed annoyedly. "Great...another problem I am going to have to solve in 3...2...1." And as if on cue, Frank kicked down the door and glomped me. "(Y/N) HEELP!" He yelled and I grunted and looked up at him. "Well, good afternoon to you to, butch.." I muttered and he gave me the look and puffed out his cheeks and I sighed. "Okay okay what is it this time?? Another spider? Frank...we have Raid for a reason." I said flatly and he looked away a little embarrassed, knowing that they had that can of Raid for over two years, and yet Frank still comes cowering to me so I can kill it myself...I hate life.."W-Well no, it's not about that!!" He exclaimed and I just sighed and nodded. "Alright then, what is it??" I asked and Frank gulped. "U-Uh..Gerard mighta, sorta, kinda, maybe...told..Mikey something...." Frank said hesitantly and instantly this topic peaked my interest. "Oh?? What was it?" "W-Well he-" "TAKE IT BACK NOW, GERARD!!!!" "WELL LOOK, I HAD TO TELL YA SOONER OR LATER!! YOU'RE ALMOST IN YOUR THIRTIES, IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU KNEW THE TRUTH!" I heard my brothers shout at each other and I groaned. "Oh god..." I muttered with a eye roll and Frankie gave a nervous giggle. "C-Could you help me with them??" He asked and I nodded. "I'll see what I can do...what exactly are they fighting about??" I asked as I walked down the stairs with him and he gave a sigh of exhaustion. "I don't know anymore.." He mumbled and as we got at the end of the stairs, we both saw Mikey being restrained by Ray as Gerard was hiding behind the couch, his head peeking out from behind. "Oh thank GOD you're here!!" Ray exclaimed as he was using all his might to keep my older brother from strangling my other older brother. I quickly walked over to Mikey and pushed him back. "Mikey quit it!" I hissed at him and he finally looked at me and calmed down a little and Ray sighed in relief as he could finally let go of him and he did. "Wow sis, you tamed the beast.." Gerard said with a grin and he heckled then I gave him a death glare and he immediately went quiet. "So can you all explain what is going on??" I asked. "Gerard told me that unicorns don't exist!!" Mikey cried out as he pointed an accusing finger at our brother. "Wait...what??" I asked and looked at Gerard. "Look it was either that or tell him that 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!' is actually margarine!" "YOU LIED ABOUT THAT TO!?" Mikey yelled, and Frank facepalmed. "I thought the label was just a lie so we're both in the wrong here..." He said sheepishly and I looked at Frank and blinked. I knew he was no Einstein but...REALLY?? "Well, look, Mikey you gotta calm down okay?? C'mere and sit down with me." I said as I tugged him over to the couch and he slowly came over but kept his eyes fixed on Gerard like he was trying to kill him with his eyes. "Okay, now in a calm, and rational matter, tell me what happened." I said as I folded my arms around my chest and he gave me teary eyes. "Gerard told me unicorns weren't actually real.." He sniffed and I quickly hugged him and he whimpered into my shoulder. "Gerard, what the hell!?" I exclaimed and he huffed. "Why are you pinning it on me!? Look, even YOU know he is getting a little old to think that unicorns are real.." He said and I glanced away for a minute but sighed and gave him a slight nod so Mikey wouldn't notice. "Mikey?? I think it's time we had the talk.." I said with a sigh. Ray and Frank gave each other a look and just bursted out laughing. "What's so funny??" I asked. "I-It sounded soo wrong the way you said it!!" Ray managed to say and Gerard gave a confused stare and blinked. "I don't get it either.." He said and Frank whispered it to him and Gerard doubled over in laughter. I just rolled my eyes at the three drunken-with-laughter numbskulls and took Mikey by the hand and walked upstairs, then closed the door, so we could get some peace and quiet. "Okay, Mikey, now you gotta listen to me alright??" I said as I sat him down on the bed and he pulled his knees up to his chest as he pushed his glasses up his nose. The silence gave me a tiny hint that he would hear me out. "Alright so, you remember, when you were around 5, I was 3, and Gerard was about 9?" I said to him and he gave a slow nod as he looked at me. "And, you remember what he told you?? That unicorns were real?" I asked and he frowned a little and nodded. "How can I was one of the happiest days in my life.." He mumbled and that stung bad because he was making this so much harder. "I know...but you see..all of that was a...well, a lie." I said hesitantly, trying to break it a little more smoothly than Gerard did. He sighed and curled up tightly, not looking at me. "C'mon Mikey, you gotta think about this! You're almost 32! You gotta grow up! I mean..just a little..." I said with a shrug and he looked at me slightly and just frowned a little. "I guess..." He said sadly. "Well, hey! If it makes you feel any better, Gerard told me that the reason why I never got and quarters for my loose teeth was because I killed the Tooth Fairy..!" I said and he gave me a confused look. "What..??" He said and I gave a nod. "Yeah Mikey, he is a real asshole.." I grumbled. "So that's why you would cry every time you would lose a tooth?" He asked and I nodded slowly. "Mhm.." I said. He looked away for a minute then sighed and looked back at me. "Well..I guess I can move on....this isn't the worst thing he's done to me." "Really? What else did he do to you??" I asked in curiousity. But in reality I was making a mental list about all the ways I intended on hurting Gerard. "Well..there was that one time when I woke up duck taped to my bedroom door.." He said and I held in a little bit of laughter. "Huh..??" He asked and I just grinned and put a hand on his shoulder. "Oh sweetheart, we all did that to you." I said and laughed a little and he puffed out his cheeks and turned his head away from me with his chin up. "Well, I just feel betrayed now." He said and I groaned loudly and tackled him on the bed into a big hug. "C'mon! C'mon! Looove mee!!" I said as I wrestled with him and he couldn't help but laugh and shook his head. "Nuuuu!" He cried out as he tried to defend himself from my merciless tickling. "C'moon!! Love your little sister!!! I need yooouu!!" I laughed and he looked up at me. "Oh yeah?? How much?" He said with a grin and I chuckled a shook my head. "Well, if anyone, you are the brains in the family.." I said with a shrug as I got off of him and he sat up. "Oh yeah?? I remember getting a lot more C's and F's in school then A's and B's." He said and I shook my head. "Mikey, everyone knows that C stands for cool, and F stands for fabulous." I said with a grin and he laughed. "Hmm...well I guess i'll use that then." He said and I smiled. "Cool." I replied. "Well little lady, I need more convincin'." He said with a southern accent as he pushed his sock hat over his eyes. "More?? Like what?" I asked. "Am I a better big brother than Gerard??" He asked and I gave a shrug. "Well I dunno, I mean you were both kinda the same." I said and he pouted. "Alright, alright! You are only slightly better than him! But don't go tweeting that or telling him!" I said and he raised a hand and put his other over his heart. "Scouts honor." He said and I rolled my eyes. "You were never a boy scout, idiot.." I mumbled. He just chuckled and grinned. I just shook my head and layed down and put my head in his lap. "So hey...I want you to know that you can believe in whatever you want but...make sure it's real okay??" I asked and he nodded. "Yeah, I'll agree to that. Buut, you gotta gimmie something in return." He said with a cocky grin and I got a little nervous. "Alright um...what is it??" I asked. "You gotta tell Gee yourself that you like me better." He said with a smirk. "What!?" I exclaimed. "But Mikey, I told you-" "Yeah yeah I know what you said, but you know me, I know every loophole in what people say..! You said that I couldn't tell him that...but you never said that YOU couldn't tell him that.." He said with a cocky smirk and I puffed out my cheeks. "You sly little bastard...alright, i'll do it.." I said reluctantly, and he grinned. "Awww yea, this is gonna be good..!!!" He said excitedly as I slowly go up and he got up to and followed me to the door. As I opened it, three bodies came falling towards us and landed at our feet. And wouldn't you know it, it was Gerard, Frank, and Ray...."Guys...what are you doing..?" I asked and they all looked up with the same nervous smile. " know just.....hangin your bedroom door..." Ray said, trying to sound casual. I grumbled and just rolled my eyes. Mikey coughed an nudged me and I grunted in frustration. "I know I know!" I said and sighed. "Hey Gerard I something to say." I said as they all got back up. "Yeah, what's up??" He asked. I cleared my throat, and glanced back a little but Mikey just nudged me again. "Mikey is better bigger brother.." I mumbled under my breath. "What??" Gerard said, not really catching what I said. "I said Mikey is the the better big brother.." I said a little louder and Gerard gawked. "AWWW YEAAAH THAT'S RIGHT!!! IN YO FACE MOTHA FUCKAAAA!!!" Mikey exclaimed and ran down the hallway...I guess doing a victory lap or something.."WHAT!? SIS, HOW COULD YOU!!" Gerard screamed dramatically. "IT WAS EITHER THAT OR HAVE HIM BELIEVE IN IMAGINARY THINGS." I said back. "WELL DO THAT!! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" He said with drama and started to sniffle. I groaned and quickly hugged him. "I do love you, alright! I Mikey a little more..." I said quietly. "It's like watching a really bad soap opera." Frank said and Ray nodded in agreement. "HAHAHA I AM THE SUPERIOR!!!" Mikey said as he ran past us again. "Great, now he's on a power trip.." Ray said flatly. "Well, at least it's not like that time where Mikey proved that mixing Pop Rocks and Coke could send you to the hospital." Frank said with shrug. "Um...Frank, everyone knows that. Except for Mikey that time but I didn't stop him because I wanted him to learn his lesson." I said with a sigh. "And you said he had the most brains in the family.." Gerard huffed. "Wait, when did I...OH THAT'S RIGHT, YOU THREE WERE LISTENING IN ON US.." I said angrily and glared at them. They all broke out in a cold sweat and laughed nervously and sprinted away. Hmph...i'll get their sorry asses later. But for now, I think i'm gonna go curl back up in my bed and start another series! "(Y/NNNNN)!!!! FRANK'S TRYING TO PUT A FORK IN THE TOASTER AGAIN!!" I heard Gerard shoat and I groaned. Oh well..guess that book series will have to wait. Damn..
He smiled at me evilly at me as I stood there, stunned. "I...I thought you were gone for good.." I said, taking a step back, motioning for Motor Baby to hop off and she did but hugged onto my leg. "Ah, it's funny how life works, doesn't it?" He asked with a coy smile. I just glared at him and clutch my gun in it's holster. "Ah ah ah~ None of that, young lady~" He tutted me and I glared more at him and scowled. "I'm not little anymore, Uncle..." I seethed through my teeth and just grabbed my gun sharply and held it up, aiming for him. He just chuckled and shook his head. "Well I suppose I can agree to that." He said with a hand wave, not even slightly scared that I could shoot him at any minute. "And didn't I ever tell you to not play with guns??" "I KNOW how to SHOOT, Uncle.." I growled under my breath. "Oh really? Then why are you taking so long to fire at me?" He asked and I gripped the handle and had my finger on the trigger ready to blast him. But...why is it hard??? What's holding me back?? "Oh please, I can shoot you at any time I want!" I barked and he chuckled and sighed. "Well then do it already." He egged me on. I clenched my jaw and aimed straight for his chest....but..why won't I shoot!?! "Well?? Are you going to do it?" He asked me, with a fake impatient tone. I stuttered a little, and I gripped my gun tighter. He just rolled his eyes and got up, making me get more tense and Motor Baby noticed, looking at me she lightly tugged on my jacket and I glanced at her and she just gave my leg a hug and smiled at me for comfort. I sighed and looked at him again. "Like I said, I'm not afraid to shoot you, Uncle!" I exclaimed and he gave a dramatic offended gasp. "You would shoot your own Uncle?? The man who raised you from when you were so young?!" He exclaimed dramatically and I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, raising me to become some heartless amd mindless zombie and do whatever you say!" I snapped back. "Hm. Well since you can't shoot me, I think we'll have a little practice run to get you in the mood." He said devilishly. "What??" I asked confused and all of a sudden, Motor was ripped away from me and thrown into a cage. "(YOUR KILLJOY NAME) GET ME OUT!!" She yelped frantically and I tried to run at her but I went frozen. Like, literally time just FROZE. Well, for me. "My my, this invention is quite marvelous~" I heard him say behind me and I tried to look at him but I was glued to looking at Motor Baby who was confused and scared at the same time. "W-What the.." I started to say and he gave a wolfish grin as he came between me and the cage that Motor was in. "You see this here?" He asked me as he lifted a little remote to my face and I looked at it. "Um..yeah?" He smirked. "This is a human controller. Ironic, isn't it? This little tool can control anyone you tell it to control and do whatever you want that person to do. I haven't really tried it out yet but better late then never, hm?" He asked with a sly grin. My eyes went wide, knowing that I would be the 'test subject'. "Scissors, bring those hooligans in." He told her and she nodded and left the room. A few minutes later she came back with them all tied up and 10 Dracs followed them. I stared at them and so did Motor and they looked at us, but we didn't say a word. He waved his hand and she made them all sit. "Now go over there...and SHOOT THEM." He growled into my ear and I gasped and felt a shiver up my spine as my hand grabbed my gun but I was trying to pull it back. This energy was way too strong! "NO! I WON'T DO IT YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" I yelled frantically as the energy went to my legs and made me walk towards them. "Oh I won't-" He began to say, "BUT THIS CAN~" He said with a evil laugh while he dangled the remote and tossed it then catched it. I looked back at the guys with a scared look. "G-Guys..." I said, with a soft whimper. "It's okay, (Your Killjoy name)." Party Poison said, looking down. "Just do it. It's not your fault." I clutched the gun and felt cold tears run down my face. "KORSE YOU SICK BASTARD MAKE HER STOP!!" Jet Star yelled loudly and he chuckled, watching the scene in front of him. I started to shake and my breathing staggered. "P-Please Uncle...don't make me do this.." I said, looking back at him and he looked at me. "Hm..what would you do for me?" He asked, giving it thought. "I-I'd do anything!" I said too quickly and he smirked. "Hmm~ Well in that case..So, if I were to turn this thing off, you would stay with me?" He asked and I took aback. (But mentally because you know...I'm frozen. NOT THE SONG I KNOW YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT IT.)
) "Go...back?" I thought outloud. "Are you crazy!? DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" Fun Ghoul shouted at me, but I ignored him. If it meant....their safety..should I do it?
Romance roleplay anyone?? I have come up with a few ideas, so i'll explain them in private messages. Hope to see you there!~


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